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Sunset Aura Quartz Cluster Front
Sunset Aura Quartz Cluster Side
Sunset Aura Quartz Cluster Back

Sunset Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster Genuine Arkansas Quartz Hand Mined

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This beautiful Sunset Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster was hand mined at Ron Coleman Mining.  This type of crystal begins as Arkansas clear quartz then undergo a superheating process where the crystals are coated with metallic vapors from different metallic coatings. Sunset Aura Crystals are the result of a special mixture Titanium and Silver atoms fusing to the Crystals surface, which provides the warm golden iridescence. The crystal point colors are orange, pink and blue just like a golden sunset.

Measures approximately 3.5 inches x 2 inches at its widest and 1.25 inches at its tallest point.