Amethyst Geode Cluster Of Crystals – Ron Coleman Mining
3 Foot Tall Amethyst Crystal Formation
Side View Amethyst Geode
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Amethyst Geode Cluster Of Crystals

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Are you searching for a larger decor accessory for your entry way or living area?  This Amethyst geode cluster  of crystals cave features natural purple clusters of crystals and calcite.  Transform your space into a haven of crystal radiance.  Enhance any room  with this glittering beauty and calming energy, inspiring awe and enchantment every time you enter the room.  Get ready to fall in love.  

This was found as a full geode.  It was split to reveal the beautiful crystal formations you see inside the specimen.  The white areas are naturally forming calcite.  Note: the exterior of the geode has been stabilized (which is a common method used by miners to protect the quartz crystal formations).  

Origin - Brazil

Approximate dimensions of this specimen: 36 inches tall by 26 inches wide by 15 inches deep.

Shipping:  Local pick up, standard US freight (they place the crate curbside),  US white glove service (lift gate service, placement and cleanup of all packing materials).  This specimen will be shipped insured. 

Refund Policy: We will do a live video chat with you to completely inspect this specimen before you purchase.  We do not accept returns or give refunds on purchases.  If the specimen is damaged during shipping, the carrier will handle the refund with the insurance company.  

Amethyst Geode