Titanium Coated Druzy Agate Sphere – Ron Coleman Mining
Front Side Of Sphere
Back Side Of Sphere
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Titanium Coated Druzy Agate Sphere

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This rainbow sphere is hand carved from a  shiny Agate Geode by a professional craftsman. Its small cavities with Druzy Geode Quartz makes it very shiny, one of a kind, and an eye catching piece.

This specimen can create a force field to strengthen your aura while protecting your energies from any other source, which makes the paticular specimen excellent for meditation. They also work towards leading you towards a more focused emotional state.

This specimen can also help remove all bad energy and negativity, and promote a positive flow of energy to and from your life. 

This would make a very special and considerate gift to anyone you consider as a loved one.


Measurements are approximately: This titanium sphere is 2 inches in diameter.

NOTE: The sphere you see in this picture may not be the exact specimen you recieve. Patterns, variations, and color will vary but will be similar