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Home Decorating Trends 2023

Using earth tones when decorating your space is on trend for 2023.  When one thinks about earth tones the normal train of though is wall color.  Needless to say, our train of thought falls to using minerals as decor accents within your home.  Visualize a beautiful cluster of crystal points sitting on a wood stand in the center of your kitchen island.  Next, consider placing a white marble bowl filled with rose quartz on your bathroom vanity.  

Please note:  the bowl and rose quartz are available for sale on this website.


Part of Feng Shui includes the proper arranging of objects and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance.  Rose Quartz is a stone of harmony.  I use Feng Shui when considering placement of furniture and the elements of earth, fire, water and metal in every room to create a healthy and harmonious living space. My personal experience is it does make a difference.