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Why Do People Love Quartz Crystals?

For many, quartz crystals are magical.  I recall digging for crystals for hours as a child so I could give my grandmother "diamonds".  I loved seeing my grandmother's face when she saw me running to her with my treasures.  That memory evokes a time of carefree exploration and joy.  I've had guests share that their parents brought them to the mine to dig, they brought their children to the mine and, now, they are introducing their grandchildren to the love of digging for quartz crystals. The satisfaction of taking the time to search for treasure and then the earth revealing that treasure just to you as a gift is a very personal yet exhilarating experience.  For others, it is the magic of healing properties the crystals, to clear the mind of negativity and enhance the vibrations in the space.  There is folklore that says clear quartz crystal is frozen water that cannot be thawed.  I like that.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the sparkle.  Everyone loves the sparkle of a beautiful clear quartz crystal.

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