Amethyst Geode Purple Quartz – Ron Coleman Mining
Amethyst Geode Left
Amethyst Geode front
Amethyst Geode Right
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Amethyst Geode Purple Quartz

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This beautiful tabletop size Amethyst geode half features beautiful deep purple crystal clusters and lovely polished Amethyst sides. It will look fabulous on your shelf, side table, bathroom counter or fireplace mantle. 

Amethyst is part of the Quartz crystal family and has a hardness of 7. The color of this crystal ranges anywhere from a pale almost lilac purple to a deep almost black purple. What causes it to be this beautiful color is the minerals iron and aluminum that is found in this particular crystal.

Amethysts are used for mental clarity, restful sleep, and deepened intuition.

Approximate measurements: 6.5 inches tall by 7 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep 

Origin: Brazil

Cleaning Instructions: You can remove loose dust gently with a soft bristled paint brush. You can also use lukewarm water and a mild soap. Then rinse and pat dry.

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