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Onyx Carved Cannister 4 Piece Set
Smallest Piece Onyx Cannister
Brown Stripe Onyx Cannister Piece
Third Piece Onyx Cannister Prominent Brown Stripes
Largest Cannister Green Onyx Brown Stripes

Canister Set Apple Onyx Stone Jars Carved Mineral Storage Container

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Beautiful kitchen decor. Carved Apple Onyx canister set, storage container, stone jars for storing spices, flour, sugar, tea or other items.   The tones of this polished stone is green, ivory, brown.  If you are seeking a unique touch for your kitchen, consider these lovely hand carved stone containers.

Please note, this is natural, polished carved rock. Thus, each canister has unique characteristics 

Approximate measurements: 

1 - 8.5 inches tall

1 - 7.5 inches tall 

1 - 6.25 inches tall 

1 - 5.25 inches tall