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Smoky Quartz Gemstone Face Roller

Face Rollers Smoky Quartz Facial Massager

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Gemstone face rollers can be used to stimulate collagen, improve circulation, and for lymphatic drainage. Use as a tool to make for better absorption of your facial serum or pop in the fridge for a nice, cool face massage. Smoky Quartz is not only gorgeous but also a great grounding stone. 

In addition to the aesthetics of smoky quartz, this dark and mysterious crystal is a powerful one with many uses and healing benefits. If you are someone who struggles to release old patterns, thoughts, emotions and beliefs this is the crystal is known to draw pure light energy from the crown chakra into the root chakra, helping you ground into the earth. 

Cleaning Instructions: You can gently clean this with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Rinse then pat dry.

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