Fluorite Stone Carved Animal Turtle Collector – Ron Coleman Mining
2 Inch Long Green Fluorite Carved Turtle Sculpture

Fluorite Stone Carved Animal Turtle Collector

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Cute turtle hand carved from Fluorite rock. Measures approximately 2 inches long and would make the perfect desk ornament. Fluorite is well known as the genius stone. Turtle collector gift.

Fluorite is a calcium fluoride that crystallises in the cubic system. It occurs in a wide range of attractive colors that include green, purple, blue, yellow, lilac, brown, champagne, pink and white. This beautiful turtle displays green and purple natural colors.  Fluorite has a Mohs hardness of 4, perfect octahedral cleavage and a sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature that make it difficult to facet and preserve.  Therefore, most Fluorite is sliced.  Thus, making this cute Fluorite carved turtle figurine a collectible gift.

Turtles symbolize wisdom, longevity and protection.

Cleaning Instructions: You can use a damp cloth, then pat dry.

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