Goldstone Blue Stretch Bead Bracelet – Ron Coleman Mining
8mm Polished Blue Goldstone Stretchy Bracelet

Goldstone Blue Stretch Bead Bracelet

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 Blue goldstone is a sparkly stone made from artificial glass. The glittery effect comes from copper filings added during production, while the sand used for the glass includes tiny quartz crystals. This stone is popular with jewelry makers due to its sparkle and color. Blue goldstone can be polished, cut, or sanded, making it perfect for necklaces, earrings, or rings. Modern blue goldstone is manufactured in China, Canada, Norway, Russia and the USA.

 There are references to a similar material dating back to the 12th century in Persia, which suggests blue goldstone has existed for a long time. The blue goldstone we know today originated in Italy during the 17th century though. Italian monks were attempting to make gold, when they accidentally spilled copper shavings into a vat. This created goldstone, which the monks realized could become a valuable man-made crystal.

Measurements: This Blue 8 mm bead Goldstone stretch bracelet is one size fits most.

Stretch Bead Bracelet