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Side View Of Large Crystal Point Ron Coleman Mining
Big Crystal Point 12 Inches Long By 9 Inches Wide
Close Up Image Of Large Clear Crystal Poing
Base View Of Large Arkansas Crystal Point 12 Inches Long

Long Crystal Point 12 Inch Clarity Is Clear Point To Opaque Base

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This long, clear to opaque point was mined at Ron Coleman.  We must remove crystals by hand to protect them from breaking. They are wrapped and carried to our cleaning area, washed, placed in a vat of cleaning solution, and left for a minimum of 24 hours. We wash them a second time then they are sorted based on size, clarity, and condition. Our points are not polished. 
Approximate measurements:  6 inches tall by 12 inches long by 9 inches wide 

Weight: 13.9 pounds 

Origin: Ron Coleman Mining, Arkansas 

Wholesale pricing available to qualified retailers. Email an image of your sales tax permit to info@roncolemanmining.com to receive a wholesale discount code to enter at checkout.  ALL Ron Coleman Mined Quartz crystal points and clusters are available to retailers.