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Fresh Tailings From Crystal Mine In A Basket
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Table Filled With Baskets Of Crystals

Mining Basket Of Crystals Fresh Dirt Basket Bag Of Assorted Quartz Crystals From Arkansas Mine

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We will provide a basket/bag of assorted crystal points (mud included as shown in the photos) Weight will vary. There is no guarantee of quality nor size of crystals within the basket because there is no sorting of materials in the baskets. They are simply filled and brought up from the new pocket. The material is loaded in the baskets.  We then place them in bags to ship to you. Buy a mining bag of crystals direct from the crystal mine.

Are you looking for a fun activity for your child? This basket will provide days of entertainment as they clean and sort their crystals.  Home school parents - have you considered using a basket of quartz crystals as a science project? 

By making a purchase, you are stating you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions: All sales are final, no returns accepted, no additional basket is sent if you are not pleased with the quality or size of the crystals. Do not purchase if you are unable to agree to the stated terms

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