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Front Side Of Moss Agate Tower
Back Side Of Moss Agate Tower
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Moss Agate Point What Are Its Uses

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 Moss Agate (also known as Mocha Stone) unlike its name, is not actually an Agate at all, rather it is a Chalcedony with dendritic inclusions of Manganese, Chrome, and/or Iron. The impurities within resemble moss and other various patterns, leading one to believe true organic matter is encased inside. However, that is not true at all, as Moss Agate formed from the weathering of strong volcanic rock. The deep colors and vibrant patterns are simply due to different levels of oxidation of the crystals within. These colors are most notably green or brown, but can also be seen as yellow, red, and black. Moss Agate has localities all over the world, with the most important commercialized deposits being in India. In fact, around 75% of all Moss Agate on the market is directly sourced from India.

Moss Agate Point is a powerful crystal tool for those wishing to draw positivity and spiritual guidance into their lives. Known for its captivating green, yellow, brown and black moss-like inclusions, it can be used to create energetic patterns and aid meditation. Get all the information you need here on using this special type of quartz crystal!

Metaphysical properties of Moss Agate: With its healing green hues, Moss Agate Point is believed to be a powerful stone for emotional healing. It can help to restore balance and calm while energizing the body and mind. It’s also believed to improve focus and clarity of thought, as well as provide insight into challenging situations. Additionally, it is said to be able to draw out deep-seated negative emotional stresses that have built up over time.

 Measurements are approximately: This Moss Agate stands 3.5 inches in height and is 1.25 inches in width.

NOTE: You might not receive the exact tower you see in the picture, patterns vary.