Natural Morado Opal Slice Specimen Purple Opal Stone – Ron Coleman Mining
Morado Opal Slab

Natural Morado Opal Slice Specimen Purple Opal Stone

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Morado Opal (purple opal) slice.  This specimen is called Morado Opal, "purple opal" & "Opal Royale, it is a purple variety of your typical Opal found in central Mexico. Its name is derived from the word "morado" which means "purple" in Spanish. Morado Opal is one of the least expensive opals capable of producing designer-grade gems.

On another note, this particular Opal emanates the highest & strongest vibrations of all the Opals. Opal is said to carry powerful energy that opens your consciousness to nature of life itself.  It elevates your sense of worth, deepens & expands perception and intuition, inspires loyalty in your relationships & awakens psychic, spiritual & mystical qualities within us.  
                                                                                                                                              Approximate measurements:  4 inches wide,4.5 inches long, & .25 of an inch thick.

Please note: the acrylic display is not included.

Cleaning Instructions: You can gently clean this with a soft microfiber cloth.

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