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Onyx Heart

Onyx Rainbow Heart Figurine Paper weight

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Onyx has significant meaning across the world. It is believed that the stone protects its bearer from nightmares and other unwanted occurrences at night. Also, it is effective in alleviating physical, mental, and spiritual traumas. Onyx is also a masterful agent of knowledge, comfort, bliss, and recovery.  With that being said, these enhanced Onyx hearts would make a great addition to any room in your home or in your office. These enhanced rainbow-colored hearts are each hand carved out of onyx. They're beautifully crafted and polished to a smooth finish. 

Each heart may vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Measures approx.: 2.25 inches wide,2.5 inches long and .50 inch tall.

Cleaning Instructions: You can clean this with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Then rinse and pat dry.

Shipping Terms: Your order will be carefully packed and shipped via USPS or UPS with in 3 weekdays upon completed check out.