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Pink Heart Shaped Crystal

Pink Amethyst Heart Shaped Crystal

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 This big pink polished Amethyst heart shaped crystal would make a beautiful addition to your rock collection. This rock specimen would make a big desk's paperweight, you could place it on a crystal altar, or just use it as home decor and it would make an excellent focal point.

Pink Amethyst metaphysical belief is that it is a "Master Healing Crystal". It is from the Quartz crystal family of gemstones. It heals the mind and assists the heart to take positive paths in your life journey. You are likely to find that your intuition increases when working with this crystal. This crystal is excellent for emotional balance. 

 Measurements are approximately: This polished pink Amethyst heart is 5.5 inches in height & 6.5 inches in width.

Cleaning Instructions: You can clean this with a soft bristled paint brush and a microfiber cloth.

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