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Desk Top Agate Display Specimen With Druzy Crystals
Light Tan Druzy Specimen With Clear Druzy Crystals
Side View Agate With Clear Druzy Specimen On Wood Display Stand

Polished Agate Slice With Druzy Crystals Wood Base Included

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This is a very unique polished Agate slice with lovely druzy quartz crystals that is the perfect size for a table top, shelf, curio area decor accent.  The natural tones are brown, cream, gray and white.  The unique asymmetrical shape of this specimen make is a conversational element.   The base was cut for this specific specimen so it nestles very nicely.  Simply use a feather duster to clean or canned air duster.

Approximate measurements: 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 3 inches deep

Weight: 4 pounds

Origin: Brazil