Polished Rose Quartz Heart Bowl Jewelry Trinket – Ron Coleman Mining
Polished Rose Quartz Heart Shape Trinket Bowl

Polished Rose Quartz Heart Bowl Jewelry Trinket

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This carved Rose Quartz bowl is highly polished.  There are many uses for this bowl.  Use it as a key holder, place it by your sink to hold rings or other jewelry, place a votive candle in the center or use it to display mineral specimens. 

Rose Quartz can be used for personal care.  Metaphysical belief is that it is the stone of universal love. It restores harmony and trust in relationships by encouraging unconditional love. When used correctly, Rose Quartz cleanses, purifies, and opens the heart on multiple levels to promote love, friendship, self-love, feeling of peace, and deep inner healing.

 Rose Quartz also dispels negative energy and protects against environmental pollution, therefore,  replacing it with positive loving vibes. it is also said to encourage acceptance and self forgiveness, which in return invokes self-trust and self worth. This Rose Quartz bowl would be a loving gift for oneself or a loved one.

 Measurements are approximately: This heart Rose Quartz bowl is 3 inches wide & 1 inch in height.