Purple Opal Pyramid Morado Opal – Ron Coleman Mining
Purple Opal Pyramid
Purple Opal Pyramids Variants
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Purple Opal Pyramid Morado Opal

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Polished Purple Opal pyramid. Also known as Purple Morado, "Morado" means purple in spanish, Carved purple stone.Unlike some of the Purple Opals counter parts, it does not exhibit color play (opalescence). The purple coloration is due to very small fluorite inclusions inside the silica and these inclusions can cause some purple opal to exhibit a blue to violet fluorescent look under shortwave UV lights.

They are a symbol in Sacred Geometry and crystal pyramids are used to focus and amplify energy through their points. They are excellent for manifesting your intentions by transmitting them into the universe, sending questions into the cosmos, and as the centrepiece of power-enhancing crystal grids.

These photos are representative of the pyramids you will receive, but being a natural stone they will vary slightly in color, different paterns, and variants.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Approximately 1.6 inches on all sides