Radiant Citrine Geode Heat Treated Mineral Specimen – Ron Coleman Mining
Front Side Citrine Geode Cathedral

Radiant Citrine Geode Heat Treated Mineral Specimen

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  Citrine is very rare in nature.Before modern gemology,Citrine would often get confused with the gem Topaz. Today, Its rich and gorgeous color, plus how affordable and durable it is, makes it the most popular yellow-orange gem. Iron is responsible for its earthy color. There is small amounts in Citrines structure.

 Due to this gems rarity, most Citrine is the result of heat-treated Amethyst. Any gem can be imitated,sometimes by man made materials or by natural materials. This Mineral Specimen is a gorgeous one of a kind piece. It has all the earthy and tawny hues you would expect and or want.

 Measurements are approximately: 8.5 inches in height & 7.5 inches in width.