Red Selenite Votive Candle Holder Home Decor – Ron Coleman Mining
Red Selenite Carved Votive Candle Holder

Red Selenite Votive Candle Holder Home Decor

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Red Selenite is mined in Morocco, Russia, and Mexico. Peach Selenite ranges in color from light peach to deep orange and can often be called Orange or Red Selenite.  Selenite is a form of gypsum and is considered to be a soft mineral. Red Selenite is sometimes referred to as Red Satin Spar as well.

Selenite can be used in numerous ways such as meditation and astral projection due to the high energies and vibrations contained within the crystal. Do not place your crystal in water because it will dissolve, lose its color and can even pit. To clean the stone, place it near a lit sage smudge stick or pass it near the smoke from the stick. It can also be cleaned by using sound from Tibetan hand cymbals or a cleansing bowl that has good resonator qualities. You also can lay your stones in a bed of dry rice (white or brown) overnight. It is not advisable to use salt as a cleanser with Selenite as it has reportedly destroyed the stones. 

Measurements are approximately: 2.5 inches tall & 2.75 inches in diameter.