Blue Celestite Crystal Geode Celestine – Ron Coleman Mining
Celestite Rock Specimen

Blue Celestite Crystal Geode Celestine

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 Celestite is a really beautiful and is a translucent crystal resembling crushed ice. This crystal is also known as Celestine, a common mineral that is found also in Geodes. This crystal is usually found in sedimentary rock and is often associated with gypsum, a mineral that is used to make dry wall.

 Celestite is mostly found in Madagascar but there are also some pockets where this forms in Ohio. The name given to this crystal is Latin and means "consecutively celestial" and "sky" (or heavens). This rock specimen would be a great addition to your rock collection and can be displayed beautifully in your home.

 Measurements are approximately: 7 inches wide & 6 inches tall.

Cleaning Instructions: You can clean this gently with a soft bristled paint brush.

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