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Lemurian Crystal Meditation Stone
Lemurian Crystal Meditation Stone
Lemurian Crystal Note Ladder Lines
Lemurian Crystal With Ruler Showing Size

Lemurian Crystal

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Lemurian crystals are a special variety of clear quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7.  They are different in structure, displaying ladder-like grooves crossing the bodies of the crystals and very clear interiors.  On many of the crystals, there is a pink tinge caused by a light, transparent coating of iron oxide.   Lemuria is the name of a fabled ancient civilization believed to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean many thousands of years ago.  Lemuria is remembered as a civilization with a different kind of consciousness- much more centered upon the emotional and spiritual dimensions than is our mentally based modern world. 

Approximate measurement: 4.0 inches long