RV Park

Ron Coleman Mining offers one of the region’s few RV parks that boasts both comfortable accommodations and adventure within easy reach. The park is spaciously laid out and designed around a large circular area to protect the privacy of our residents and put all our facilities within easy access. Take a look at some of our beautiful park’s unique features:

  • Exclusive spaces: Our RV resort has 24 full sized spaces, as well as one “pull-through” space. Spaces are usually available on a nightly basis for a spontaneous stop-off, but never crowded enough to prevent you from enjoying your privacy. You’ll also enjoy our peaceful mountain landscape, in full view of the park. The RV park is also within easy walking distance of the gift shop and digging area.
  • Short- and long-term rates: We offer unbeatable nightly rates of $12.50, as well as pre-approved monthly rates for those who want to extend their stay and enjoy our beautiful region and facilities.
  • Amenities: Each of our spaces is equipped with water and electricity and nearly half of them also have sewage hook-ups. The park also offers several useful facilities, including a dump station, a wash-off station for both you and your crystals after a day of digging, a bathroom equipped with hot showers and a Laundromat. Several peaceful picnic tables are scattered around the park to ensure you’re able to enjoy both your meal and the view at your leisure.

Peaceful RV Resort

Whether you’re traveling around the country and looking for a lovely place to view the Mid-South’s many attractions or just need a place to crash after a long day of fun-filled family mining, our RV resort offers comfortable amenities alongside an extensive gift shop and a priceless view. We are also conveniently located close to Arkansas’ famous Hot Springs, so there’s plenty to do and see if you’re tempted to extend your stay.